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Let's start with me.
Me is Suzanne, a mom of three girls, running my own business.
Who would have thought?
Ever since childhood I have been a dreamer.
And my dreams have taken different shapes.
Just like my life.
There is no straight line from the 5-year old girl dreaming of becoming a farmers wife, an archeologist, a journalist, to where I am now. It has passed a safe youth in a small Dutch southern village, student-life in Paris, United States, Leiden, Nicaragua and Bologna. My life has been enriched through amazing friendships, deep passions and travels, but strangely enough also by visions of despair and courage as researcher of poverrty and armed conflicts.
And then, totally unexpected, I ran into the love of my life, and I became a mother of three beautiful girls. It changed my life line once again.

So Who Is
Mister Fred?

Good question.
I have gotten to know him as the little voice in my head.
Nagging me to focus. Urging to decide.
Allowing me to wander of, to explore, but also calling me back.
Asking me Big Questions about the important things in life.
Encouraging me to go on when things get tough.
Stopping me when surrounding voices and noices get too loud.

Mister Fred is my heart beat.
I am getting better at listening to him
The outcome has been the start of 'Meet Mister Fred'.
It's a new journey of staying true to my heart.

Especially when it skips a beat I know I am on track.

Me and Mister Fred.
We get to know each other better and better each day.


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